Saturday, 24 October 2009


Laziest day....felt like a pensioner

Morning Food. This Instant raamen weren't that great compared to the other one I posted waay back. My Oyster Card at the back... Don't watch that

Been banging Madlib's Beat Konducta & Pete Rock's 'Petestrumentals' in the past week. Both Sick Producers....Arsenal Wallet...Don't Watch That

At Japanese school watching a Shamisenn Performance. Shamisenn is a Japanese string instrument made of three string and played using a plectrum called Bachi...No i didn't Wiki that



Nothings tops playin a game of L4D late at night on a Saturday

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  1. OH SHIT LOLL Another L4D fan? I casually play here and there but was addicted in the summer. Can't wait for L4D and great choice in albums to be bumping. Petestrumentals is actually great when Im studying.