Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Ol' Dirty Bastard 'N***a please' album review

No doubt Ol' Dirty Bastard A.K.A Dirt Dog/Dirt Mcgirt/Ason Unique/Big Baby Jesus...etc.... is one of the greatest rapper of all time in terms of his flow (No father to his style) and humour. 4 Years after his first critically acclaimed album 'Return to the 36th Chambers: The dirty version' ODB strikes again and as expected hes crazy if not even crazier than before.

As soon as you play this album on the stereo, you're no longer just listening to 'music'. You're entering the world of ODB's bizzare and fucked up mind. You see some homeless crackers in the tube station talkin jibba jabba right? Once you play through this album you'll somehow feel as if you can relate to their crazy philosophies and stories . If you've snort enough coke while listening to this album its likely that you'll be acting just like the crackers and look at normal people as wierdos.

Anyway lets talk about the tracks. N***a please starts off with a nice track called 'Recognise' produced by neptunes, with a small introduction from comedian Chris Rock giving a shout out to ODB and screaming 'HE AIN'T ON NO COMMERCIAL SHIT!!' in his usual comedic voice (He also sounds kind've high...). Pharrel sets it off with the chorus in his girly girl voice and ODB lays his first verse in the Album. He introduces himself as a crazy mothafucker instantly with lines like:

'Bitches and niggas all around scopin each other down
I'm takin pictures at y'all at the fuckin lounge'

Mad niggas was, gettin drunk at the bar
I'm throwin Moet bottles, HA HA HA HA HA HA'

Now lyrically it might not be the most amazing, but remember we're talking about ODB here. His speciality is his unique flow of 'half-sung half rapped' style (Mind you he does sing quite well) and the way he just laughs out 'HAHAHAHAHHA' will make you chuckle if you have a sense of humour. Also this is just the warm-up. It gets crazier and intense when you enter deep into the album.

Songs like 'You dont want to fuck with me' really shows off his unique style, wierdness and 'fuck you' attitude. Before the beat drops, ODB makes a small comment '
Yo, when I say you don't want to fuck with me I'm not talking to you girl (and woman)Yo, 'cause y'all want to fuck... y'all want to fuck me' which shows his love and addiction for sex and woman. Theres more examples which shows this but I wont go deep into it... He then makes his hate towards the government and CIA with:

'I'm the law of the land, got girls Uncle Nuggah
I gagagaga got girls on the command
I got the government lost on Gilligan Island (Nigga Please!)
By December, CIA gettin' paid taxes back
>From the Candy Cane, Santa came, back in the big hurricane

The voice he makes in the chorus is the funniest ive heard in a while. Its like half-singing and half- Shitting . You really have to listen to understand.

Production is very good aswell. Some of the producers include The Neptunes making their usual funky beat, Buddha monk and of course the RZA my favourite producer. From head bangas like 'Nigga please', smooth/cool beats like 'good morning heartache' to bizzarre, trippy beats like 'Cold-Blooded' and 'Got your money', theres everything for everyone to enjoy especially to the crazy kids.

There are a few over-the top, crazy tracks which makes you think 'fuck me...hes lost the plot' like 'I want pussy' and 'I can't wait' but they're something special in its own kind and humorous (again, if you have a sense of humour)

Overall I'll give this album a 7 out of 10 which isnt as good as his previous album but ODB once again unleashes his fucked up-ness in a stylish way. If you're easily offended, stay away cause Dirt dog will leave you with nasty images in your head you certainly won't like.

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