Thursday, 26 March 2009

MF DOOM-Born Like this

Finally the album is here!!

Its been 4 years since MF DOOM released an album. 'Born Like this' is DOOM's newest album which released just 2 days ago. I havnt got the album yet but Ill soon be hittin the nearest music store to buy a copy. MF DOOM is known for his humour and inside jokes based on Marvel cartoons and one of the reason I like his music is because you really have to listen to his tracks over and over again to find out meanings behind his lyrics. I've listened to few of his tracks on youtube and it sounds really good.

Heres a song called 'Batty Boyz' from the album. The concept of the track is pretty sick. MF DOOM is based on DR.DOOM, a villain from Fantastic 4 and he baisically insults his enemies (the heroes) on how gay they look with their tight costumes. The lyrics can also be interpretted as him insulting the modern day rappers and how gay/corny they look especially on their music videos played on MTV and such. DOOM is a villain cause he doesn't fit in with these rappers (presumably talkin bout 50Cent, lil Wayne, etc...) who are supposedly 'modern day heroes'

'Ugly and still get hollas like Ron Jeremy' LOOOOL

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